RFID card   
rfid white cardrfid printing cardmagnetic strip cardrfid thick card
transparent cardcombo cardcustomer-shaped cardsmall card
RFID keyfob tag   
Model: KF01Model: KF02Model: KF03Model: KF04
Model: KF05Model: KF06keyfob jelly tagkeyfob jelly tag
RFID wristband   
silicon wristband SW001silicon wristband SW002silicon wristband SW003silicon wristband SW004
silicon wristband SW005PVC wristband PW001PVC wristband PW002PVC wristband PW003
NFC tag   
soft NFC tagNFC stickerNFC jelly tagNFC coin
RFID Paper tag   
Mifare paper sticker squareUHF paper sticker 9662CD stickertamper proof sticker
RFID inlay   
UHF inlayUHF inlay 9662UHF inlay 9654
RFID laundry tag   
laundry tag DS001laundry tag DS002laundry tag DS003landry tag DS004
RFID animal tag   
pig ear tagear tag with barcodepigen tagglass tag
Anti metal tag   
anti metal tag MT001anti metal tag MT002anti metal tag with holesoft anti metal tag
Other RFID tags   
PVC disc tagblack patrol tagsilicon laundry tagjewelry tag
RFID reader   
access control readerUHF middle range readerUHF long range readerUHF desktop encoder